Photo of Cro-Knit

Tension Device for Perfect
Crocheting and Knitting

Directions for Use:

  • Push the flap out of the notch in frame and place yarn/thread between flap and frame. Return flap into notch and Cro - Knit is threaded.
  • Place Cro - Knit on any finger with square frame to inside of hand and moveable flap toward finger tips.
  • Pull thread toward frame, not flap.
  • To adjust tension turn nut on shaft to add or remove tension as desired.
  • If Ring is too large for finger, place rubber band around ring prongs after ring is on finger.
  • The Cro-Knit is designed to:

    1. Keep uniform Tension.
    2. Keep Yarn from Twisting
    3. Save wrapping around fingers.
    4. Faster work.
    5. Multiple workers on one project, if tension is not changed.

    Manufactured in the USA by:

    C.S. & Joyce Morris
    1021 Foxglove Ln
    Davison, MI 48423
    Patent Holder

    Address all questions toCro-Knit.

    The Cro-Knit may currently be purchased online at:

    1. Keepsake Pattern Works.
    2. Herrschners.
    3. Video - How to Thread Your Cro-Knit

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